The interplay of changing social, technological and natural systems on the human condition. Bringing together higher education and research to promote an equitable and secure global society. Interplay of water, energy, food, health and education for sustainable development.

The world’s most urgent and complex challenges require the best minds to develop solutions. Global Impact brings the power of people together to create lasting change for our most critical global issues. Whether it’s fighting against a deadly disease or protecting vulnerable children, we need your help. With your support, we can continue to provide a voice for the most vulnerable and bring hope to those in need around the globe.

Global Impact works closely with international charities based in the United States and administers four of the country’s largest Combined Federal Campaigns. We support our partner organizations through a range of services including donor development, campaign advisory and representation; workplace and signature fundraising and marketing campaigns; and technology services. Our goal is to ensure donors make the most of their tax-deductible giving and empower them to change the world.

A COVID-19 pandemic is having a profound economic impact on countries across the globe. The lockdowns and restrictions on travel have halted the flow of goods, and as the supply chain breaks down, businesses lose money. Consumer spending slows and GDP growth is negatively impacted. Small businesses have been hit particularly hard. An analysis of 5,800 small businesses found that 41.3% were temporary closures, and 1.8% closed for good. This atmosphere of occupational and financial insecurity has created anxiety and stress, and may contribute to psychological damage, especially among those who don’t have primary healthcare options.

This is not the first time a global crisis has come upon us with little preparation. Magazine covers from recent years show an international cacophony of efforts, strategies and opinions to suppress the virus at a moment when it was sweeping through the planet. The lack of a unified strategy showed a global leadership void painfully exposed at the very moment that it was needed.

The rapid decline in glaciers and polar ice sheets due to climate change is already causing sea levels to rise faster than expected. This is displacing millions of people around the globe. It will also force many more to move inland, and it will cause the world to grow hotter, dry out and become more volatile. These changes will create new challenges like social conflict, famine and war.

GIIN is supporting the creation of a dedicated platform that will direct impact investors to urgent critical needs during the crisis, and facilitate knowledge-sharing, coordination and action among investors. This grant will support GIIN in Phase 1 of this effort.